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HIGH SPEED DOWNLOADS: 60+ Download Managers

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You know the story: although your ISP claims that your connection is lightning fast, those huge video files you just grabbed off Google Video and YouTube are taking forever to download. Most people figure that slow download speeds are normal. If you use the built-in download manager in your browser, it is normal. Fortunately, you can change that by simply getting a new download manager.

Here are a few to get you started; some are ugly, some are decidedly 1.0, and some even cost money (gasp!), but they all do the job.

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Windows Download Managers

AltarSoft Download Manager – Wonderful basic download manager with up to 10 simultaneous downloads. $14.95.

AmazingDown Studio – Claims speeds up to 500% faster than built-in download managers. Includes proxy support, bandwidth limiting, Internet Explorer integration, and many more powerful features. $21.95.

BlackWidow – Great app that scans the site and lists all the links. It will then download them for you. $39.95.

Chrysanth Download Manager – Powerful batch downloader that integrates with Internet Explorer. $29.95.

ConnectFusion – Fast (some sources claim speeds 50% faster than built-in download managers) and easy to use download manager. Free software.

DC-Sakura Boyish-Downloader – Simple manager with a scheduler, file sorter, an option to shutdown after downloading, and Internet Explorer integration. $19.98.

DLExpert – Powerful multithreaded download manager with scheduling, auto shutdown, clipboard integration, Internet Explorer integration, and much more. Freeware.

Download Accelerator Manager – Includes proxy support, a scheduler, an ability to follow redirects, a free space management gauge, an auto shutdown feature, and integration with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Avant, and Maxthon. Freeware.

Download Accelerator Plus – Powerful app with advanced tools you won’t find anywhere else, like a file shredder and a cookie/history/temp cleaner. Also integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, and Mozilla. Freeware (ad-supported).

Download Boost – Basic manager with acceleration up to 400% faster than built-in download managers and some nice features like scheduling and integration with Internet Explorer and Netscape. $19.00.

Download Commander – Nice multithreaded manager with Internet Explorer integration. Freeware.

Download Express – For people with limited computer resources, a small (~680 KB) app that integrates nicely into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, SeaMonkey, and Flock. Free for non-commercial use.

DownloadStudio – Download entire websites, streaming audio/video clips, search engine results, and more with this power tool. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Maxthon, NetCaptor, and Avant. $39.95.

File Downloader – Small command-line app that can be automated with scripts and batch files. $12.00.

File Rain – Basic download manager that claims speeds up to 800% faster than built-in managers. $19.95.

FlashGet – Powerful manager with support for sequences of files, multiple locations, and site spidering. Also supports the MMS and RTSP media protocols and the BitTorrent and eDonkey P2P protocols. Integrates into Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Netscape, Avant, and Maxthon. Freeware.

Free Download Accelerator – Basic program with speeds up to 800% faster than built-in download managers. Freeware (ad-supported).

Fresh Download – A scheduler, clipboard monitor, antivirus scanning, proxy support, ZIP extractor, and integration into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Avant, Maxthon, and Slim Browser are just a few of the features packed into this manager. Freeware.

GetGo – Claims speeds of up to 300% faster than built-in download managers, and includes virus detection and a scheduler. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Flock. $30.00.

GetRight – Includes a scheduler, built-in MD5 and SHA-1 checksums, and BitTorrent, Metalink, and podcasting support. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape integration is provided. $16.95/yr.

Gigaget – Auto data integrity validation and correction, MMS, RTSP, and Flash support, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Maxthon integration, and more are included in this great app. Freeware (ad-supported).

iFetcher – Easy to use download manager that works with Internet Explorer. Freeware.

Internet Download Accelerator – Proxy support, plugins, an FTP browser, archive previewing, integration with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Maxthon, and NetCaptor, and much more are built into IDA. $29.95.

Internet Download Manager – Supports proxies, redirects, firewalls, and more. Includes both a command-line version and a GUI version. Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, MSN Explorer, Avant, Maxthon, and AOL. $29.95.

LeechGet – LeechGet is one of the easiest to use programs in this list. Don’t let that fool you: it packs in a ton of features, such as automatic downloading, resume of broken downloads, a download timer, automatic hang-up and shutdown, and integration with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera. Free for personal use.

Mass Downloader – Great batch downloader with support for streaming media and integration with Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, and Flock. $19.95.

NetLeech – Sports proxy support, file splitting, file filters, file sorting, and Internet Explorer integration. Freeware.

Net Transport – Not only does it support the standard HTTP(S) and (S)FTP protocols, it supports the MMS, RTSP, and PNM streaming media protocols and the eDonkey and BitTorrent P2P protocols. Plus, it integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. Freeware.

Orbit Downloader – Social site downloading is the main appeal of this program. It supports HTTP(S), FTP, Metalink, RTSP, PNM, MMS, NSS, RTMP, embedded video from sites like YouTube, music from sites like Pandora, and files from sites like Rapidshare. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, and Maxthon. Freeware.

ReGet – Has basic, advanced, and expert versions, so there’s something in it for everyone. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, NetCaptor, NeoPlanet, and MSN Explorer. $9.95-$29.95.

SimpleDownload – A simple manager with support for features such as file sorting. Freeware.

SoftAtlas Download Accelerator – Provides size counting, tags, filters, categories, file splitting, support for RSS, ATOM, and podcasts, a scheduler, a virus scanner, and a file search tool. Internet Explorer integration available. $16.95.

Star Downloader – Includes categorization, automatic installation of installation programs, automatic extracting of archives, proxy support, and virus scanning. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. $19.95 (includes a basic free version as well).

TrueDownloader – HTTP/FTP support, proxy support, and ZIP previewing are available with this great app. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Mozilla integration provided. Free software.

VisualWget – A Wget (see below) front-end with support for skins and Internet Explorer integration. Free software.

WackGet – A minimalistic app that does a great job. Integrates with Internet Explorer. Free software.

Web Excavator – Powerful tool to download entire websites or files from websites. $14.95.

wGetGUI – Simple Wget (see below) front-end. Free software.

WinGet – Claims speeds up to 300% faster than built-in download managers. Integrates with Firefox and Opera. $19.00.

WinWGet – Another Wget (see below) front-end, with features such as clipboard monitoring, threaded downloading, job exporting, predefined user agents, ASP/PHP redirection, multiple FTP file and folder downloading, and bit rate limit. Free software.

YADA (Yet Another Download Accelerator) – Fast manager with drag ‘n’ drop, multithreading, batch downloading, and much more. Freeware.

Macintosh Download Managers

CocoaWget – Simple Cocoa front-end to Wget (see below). Free software.

cURL GUI – Basic AppleScript front-end for cURL (see below). Free software.

Interarchy – Powerful manager that supports (S)FTP, HTTP(S), WebDAV(S), iDisk, and Amazon S3 and includes Growl support, file encoding, Dashboard, Safari integration, and much more. $59.95 ($29.95 upgrade).

Simple cURL – AppleScript GUI for cURL (see below). Free software.

Speed Download – Smart folders, iDisk support, auto add to iTunes, Safari integration, filters, file sharing, and much more are packed inside this power user tool. $25

Linux Download Managers


Downloader for X – Simple Linux download manager. Free software.

Gwget – A Wget (see below) front-end for Gnome with integration with Firefox and Epiphany. Free software.

KGet – Minimalistic manager, but works well with KDE and the Konqueror browser. Free software.

Cross-Platform Download Managers


cURL – A command-line app that supports (S)(T)FTP(S), HTTP(S), SCP, Telnet, DICT, FILE, and LDAP and includes tons of features. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

curl::gui – A simple GUI for cURL. Windows and Linux. Free software.

DownThemAll – Fast and powerful Firefox extension that includes a nice spidering tool. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

FlashGot – Not actually a download manager, the FlashGot Firefox extension will use an existing download manager to grab every type of link you tell it to. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Freeware.

Getleft – Batch downloads files using cURL. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

iGetter – Powerful tool with a site explorer, queues, scheduling, and much more. Integrates into Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Camino. Windows and Macintosh. $25.

Retriever – Java tool with a scheduler, BitTorrent support, proxy support, mirroring, and an option to execute programs on download. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Freeware.

Super Downloader – Fast Java downloader. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Freeware.

Urlgfe – Front-end to cURL and Wget. Windows and Linux. Free software.

Wget – Another powerful command-line tool with support for HTTP(S) and FTP, site downloading, proxy support, site spidering, bandwidth limiting, and a whole lot more. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

wget:gui – A nice interface to Wget. Windows and Linux. Free software.

wxDownload Fast – Download splitting, scheduling, organizing, HTTP, FTP, Metalink, and file:///, and MD5 and SHA-1 checksums are all available in this great cross-platform tool. Windows, Macintosh (partial support), and Linux. Free software.


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Adobe Media Player

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YoutubeGoogle VideoYahoo! Video… 等各大影片分享入口網站都使用 Flash Video 技術(簡稱FLV)為線上影片撥放技術後,如何在線上或是離線觀看影片就是使用者最關心的事,而 Adobe 並沒有釋出官方的放映即轉檔器,所以坊間有很多 FLV 的下載播映轉檔…等衍生應用,而最近 Adobe Lab 為醞釀已久的 Apollo 作暖身,發表的一個全新的桌面多媒體撥放軟體 Media Player

Media Player Screen Shot

Adobe Media Player 的特點:

  • 消費者端:
    1. FLV on your Desktop – Stream, download, manage, and play rich media content. Double click on any FLV file to play it in Adobe Media Player.桌面 FlV 放映器:可以串流、下載、管理、放映豐富的多媒體影片(FLV),只要雙擊 FLV 影片滑鼠即可以於 Adobe Media Player 放映。
    2. Favorite Shows – Automatically download new episodes of your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.我的最愛:可以自動的下載更新你所喜愛的網路電視及影片。
    3. What’s New – Quickly organize and play a list of new episodes from your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.顯示新更新的影片:可以迅速的組織編輯撥放你所喜愛的網路電視及影片。
    4. Library – Gather and manage your personal collection of Flash videos.個人影片資料庫:蒐集管理屬於個人的 FLV 影片庫。
    5. Tags & Ratings – Add personal keywords and ratings to Flash videos.標籤及評價:可以新增屬於個人的標籤及評價於影片上。
    6. Smart Playlists – Filter your Library and Favorites based on tags and ratings.智慧列表:可以使用標籤及評價於影片庫及我的最愛篩選出你所要的影片。
    7. Catalog – Discover new Internet TV shows and video podcasts to add to your Favorite Shows.影片目錄:即時更新網路電視及影片於我的最愛目錄中。
  • 發布者端:
    1. Branding – Deliver backgrounds and badges which are displayed dynamically around your content when it is viewed in Adobe Media Player.品牌形象:可以即時傳送品牌相關的背景或是徽章於 Adobe Media Player 中。
    2. Advertising – Dynamically deliver banners, in-rolls, and bugs, using your existing ad system, which are displayed in and around your content.廣告:即時傳送各式的廣告(包含現有的)於發布內容中。
    3. Usage Statistics – Anonymously tracks and asychronously reports content usage to provide valuable metrics for your business.使用者統計:匿名統計影片播放的報表(非同步),提供業務使用。
    4. Content Protection – Ensure that ads can’t be replaced or removed, and that content can’t be reused or remixed without your consent.數位內容保護:確保發布者的廣告在不被允許的狀況下被刪除。
    5. Media RSS – Increases viewership by conveniently delivering new content on an automatic and periodic basis.提供影片RSS訂閱:增加使用者取的影片的新資訊。

目前算是只聞樓梯響階段,還沒實際的東西可以觀摩,相信如果推廣的成效不錯的話,對 Adobe 未來即將力推的阿波羅(Apollo)會順利些。

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快速啟動軟體的小工具 – Launchy

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話說處女座的人多少都有點潔癖, 我個人也不例外, 除了保持物品的清潔外, 我也很討厭 Windows 的桌面塞滿各種圖示 (我的桌面只有一個資源回收筒)。在這種怪癖之下, 要如何快速的執行想要的程式便是一個大問題。

一般大多數的人除了把常用的程式捷徑拉到快速啟動列外, 其它不常用的程式大都只能從程式集中慢慢找; 這實在是太浪費時間了, 不妨試試「Launchy」吧。

「Launchy」讓你透過一個快速鍵呼叫出程式視窗 (預設是 Alt+Space), 呼叫出程式視窗後, 只要輸入欲執行的程式名稱, 按下 Enter 就可以執行相對應的程式了。


你 可能會覺得輸入程式名稱太麻煩, 有時也記不住, 別擔心!「Launchy」並不要求你輸入程式的全名, 只要輸入部份名稱即可, 例如要執行「Mozilla Firefox」, 輸入「moz」、「zil」、「fox」都是可以的。若有一個以上的程式符合你輸入的名稱, 它也會列表供你選擇, 而且程式具學習功能, 會把你常用的那一個放在最前面以供你選用。



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