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Macbook Air / Yael Naim’s “New Soul”

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看了蘋果新推出的廣告後, 除了讚嘆 MacBoook Air 的輕薄外,
廣告中那首曲調輕快的配樂和迷人的歌聲也相當引人注意,主唱是位”在法國唱英文主打歌的以色列女歌手” – Yael Naim.

There’s been rumours that Apple was working on a super-thin laptop, but I don’t think anyone expected this. It’s saying something that the first words those I’ve observed looking at it for the first time have been something along the lines of “Holy freakin’ $&@#, that thing is thin!”. With all the necessary add-ons and dongles, the laptop is going to get very pricey, but I’m sure it’ll sell like hot cakes to those early-adopters-with-tons-of-money folks.

The marketing team at Apple, the geniuses that they are, created a commercial showing off how you easily can fit the 3 pound laptop into a manilla folder. The song accompanying the ad is a suitably light and airy jazz-pop tune called “New Soul” from Israeli artist Yael Naim. While you only hear the first 30 seconds in the Macbook Air commercial, the full song makes nice use of bouncy trumpets, harpsichord, handclaps, and even a heavenly-sounding choir for the ending. Good find, Apple! Download the tune below and purchase her album here:

MP3 New Soul

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