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Monday Inspiration: 3D-Experience in Flash

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Used effectively, Flash-based designs can achieve astonishing presentation and impressive user interaction. (In fact, we’ve already showcased some outstanding examples earlier.) When supported by intuitive design, a mix of visual effects can create a rich user experience. Flash-designs with 3D-effects can be used to do just that. As a part of our Monday Inspiration series let’s take a look at some examples of incredible 3D-experience in Flash.

Ikea’s Dreamkitchen offers a tremendous visual experience: visitors navigate in slow motion in 3D through IKEA products. Interesting effect: the volume of the music changes as you pass throught the “IKEA universe”. Further examples: Dromkok, Demo. In the latter examples you can flip through 3D-rooms as well.


Komodo Media offers a quite new perspective on browsing through a portfolio. You can navigate through the site and observe single categories in 3D from different perspectives from different view points and angles. The mouse pointer seems to floating in the air; this is nice to play with, however not very user-friendly if you’d like to click on some specific area of the 3D-interface.


Rhythm of Lines is a Flash-based interactive stage where you can create your own “rhythm of lines” — a 100-sec movies in which lines can move, change their form and color and create shapes. You can create sweeping curves, colours and bursts, change the speed of lines and the perspective from which you look at them.


The changes are defined by mouse movements and keyboard input. Best “sculptures”, created by other users, are showcased in the exhibition section; you can playback your own rhythm and download it as a wallpaper.


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十一月 13, 2007 at 8:11 上午


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