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Top 50 graphic design blogs

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It’s not so easy finding quality graphic design authors. So to make things easier for you, here I present my top 50 graphic design blogs. I’ve categorised these blogs by their Google PageRank (PR), which is Google’s way of determining the authority of a website / blog.

*Don’t read too much into the PageRank, as all of these sites contain excellent articles, some blogs having an authority all on their own

PR 8 blogs

Veerle's Blog

Veerle’s blog 2.0 – Webdesign – XHTML CSS | Graphic Design

PR 7 blogs

Authentic Boredom

Authentic Boredom – by graphic designer, Cameron Moll


Core77 / design magazine + resource /

Design Observer

Design Observer: writings about design & culture

Hicks Design

Hicksdesign – Journal of a small creative agency based in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK, authored by Jon Hicks


Subtraction 7.0 – NYTimes.com’s Design Director, Khoi Vinh, blogs about design and other relevant info.

Veer The Skinny

Veer: The Skinny – provides visual elements for use in professional creative work

PR 6 blogs

Be A Design Group

Be A Design Group – a blog for graphic designers, created in March of 2004 by Adrian Hanft and Bennett Holzworth.


BittBox – Homemade vector freebies, design tips, tutorials and bitts.

Creative Review Blog

CR Blog – News and views on visual communications from the writers of Creative Review

Designers Who Blog

Designers who Blog – features blogs discussing graphic design, web design, illustration, marketing, photography, branding, writing and advertising

Design is Kinky

Design is Kinky – a proudly Australian blog on design

Design View

Design View: Articles, Essays and Opinions by Andy Rutledge

Graphic Define

Graphic Define Magazine – focuses on the business of running a graphic, interactive, or web design studio.


ideasonideas, a blog that invites dialogue on issues relevant to communication designers and brand strategists

I Love Typography

I Love Typography, devoted to fonts, typefaces and all things typographical.


ISO50 – The Visual Work of Scott Hansen

Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton: Design Thinking. Web Delivery. By a designer based in Cardiff, UK.


NOTCOT.ORG – for your ideas + aesthetics + amusement.


Quipsologies – Corralling the most relevant and creative on- and off-line bits that pertain to the design community.

Randa Clay Design

Randa Clay Design – Design, Marketing, Blogging, Branding and all things Creative


SonSpring | Journal by Nathan Smith

Speak Up

Speak Up > Design Dialog

Swiss Legacy

Swiss Legacy – Graphic design and typography


swissmiss – tina roth eisenberg | swiss designer gone nyc


Typographica. A Journal of Typography.

PR 5 blogs


Anamorphosis. learn design create

Andy Budd

Andy Budd :: Blogography – based in Brighton, England

Chris Glass

Chris Glass, The Last 10 Days. A creative fella’s journal from Ohio.

Design Adaptations

Design Adaptations | Charity Ondriezek

Design Notes

Design Notes published by Michael Surtees who tries to see life filtered through design as opposed to placing design on a pedestal

Elliot Swan

Elliot Swan survived three days without the internet

Graphic Design Blog

Graphic Design Blog – graphic design, freelancing, illustration, advertising, web design

Inspiration Bit

Inspiration Bit – Get inspired and learn from the latest technology, art and design buzz on the Web.


Jasongraphix :: A journal of art, thoughts, and projects by Jason Beaird

Lealea Design

Lealea Design: Blogblog: Design inspiration and introspection

Luz Cannon

Luz Cannon: The Work of David Brooks : Designer, Photographer and Audio Producer

Noisy Decent Graphics

Noisy Decent Graphics by Ben Terrett, a Graphic Designer in London


Reflections – the personal blog of Paul Enderson, a freelance web and graphic designer from England

Russell Davies

Russell Davies – incredibly diverse UK-based blog on topics associated with design

The Serif

The Serif – Your daily dose of design inspiration

things to look at

things to look at – plenty of images, and oddly, things to look at

Tutorial Blog

Tutorial Blog – Design Articles and Tutorials

Type for you.

Type for you. A blog on typography, by Pedro Serrão, a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal.

PR 4 blogs

Ace Jet 170

Ace Jet 170 – Found type, print and stuff


AdGoodness – advertising and design blog from Frederik Samuel


AisleOne – Design, typography and everything else.


Computerlove – Connecting Creative Talents

Creative Bits

creativebits | Apple orientated design community (must register to comment)

Creative Curio

Creative Curio – Learn, discuss and explore the realm of graphic design.

Numbers 51 and upwards

PR 4 blogs

David the Designer

David the Designer – don’t underestimate the knowledge this man has acquired (and don’t call him Dave)


FormFiftyFive – Design Inspiration – the pet project of designers Glenn Garriock and Jack Daly

gradient dropshadow curve

gradient dropshadow curve – by Henry Tapia


graphicPUSH – “a sporadically but faithfully updated design blog”


Journale – Asgeir Hoem – A Blog on Design, Typography, Creativity and Randomness

Laughing Lion Design

Laughing Lion Design : Web, Graphic Design & Illustration Ireland


Milienzo – Aaron Russell blogs about web and graphic design, the creative industry and multimedia…

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine – a weblog dedicated to web-developers and designers

We Made This

We Made This (It’s Our Blog)

PR 3 blogs

Creative Guy

Creative Guy – tips, tricks, tutorials and discussion about Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for designers running Mac OSX

Gazelle Creative

Gazelle Creative – by Elizabeth Jackson (a.k.a. Zabs)

Grain Edit

Grain Edit – covers contemporary graphic design / illustration, as well as design from the from the golden era of advertising (1950s–1970s).

Your Brain on Design

Your Brain on Design: A Graphic Design Blog | Leslie Tane Design


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