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My Favorite Book Covers of 2007

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Unmarketable designed by Rob Carmichael:
Words without Borders designed by Helen Yentus:

The Worst Years of Your Life designed by Catherine Casalino:

Salt designed by Jaya Miceli:

Like You’d Understand, Anyway designed by Jason Booher:

Six Degrees designed by unknown:

Small Crimes In An Age of Abundance designed by David Drummond:

Strawberry Fields designed by Gray 318:

One Perfect Day designed by Evan Gaffney:

One Red Paperclip designed by Kyle Kolker:

Wish I Could Be There designed by Herb Thornby:

The Collected Poems 1956-1998 designed by High Design:

Race Riots designed by David Drummond:

The Little Girl and the Cigarette designed by David Konopka:

Fireproof designed by unknown:

No Cause for Indictment designed by unknown:

The Unbinding
designed by High Design:

Tree of Smoke designed by Susan Mitchell:

How to Read Comics designed by Alex Camlin:

Cool It designed by Chip Kidd:

After Dark designed by Chip Kidd:

Darkness at Noon designed by the Office of Paul Sahre:

Ghost Map designed by Ben Gibson:

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History designed by Helen Yentus:

Brave New World designed by Greg Kulick:

The Yiddish Policeman’s Union designed by Will Staehle:

The Chess Machine designed by Gray 318:

The Cigarette Century designed by Rodrigo Corral:

Written by chin7

十一月 18, 2007 於 2:50 上午

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