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The most common fonts in computer

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How sure can you be that the font you specify will be present on the end user’s machine? This is the latest cross-platform snapshot of the Code Style font survey and should give you greater confidence in selecting a font.

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The most common fonts

The table below is a periodically updated listing of font survey results for all platforms, the cumulative total of all valid font survey submissions since January 2003.

These figures are calculated per platform and do not show how common the fonts on other systems. Think of it this way: more Mac systems have the Monaco font than Windows systems have Trebuchet MS. FAQ: Can’t you show a total frequency for all platforms?

Platform and font name Installed (%) Sample Image
Windows Microsoft Sans Serif 99.44% 99.44% Sample Image
Windows Franklin Gothic Medium 97.18% 97.18% Sample Image
Windows Arial Black 96.87% 96.87% Sample Image
Mac Arial 96.45% 96.45% Sample Image
Windows Palatino Linotype 96.26% 96.26% Sample Image
Mac Monaco 96.02% 96.02% Sample Image
Mac Arial Black 95.88% 95.88% Sample
Mac Courier 95.88% 95.88% Sample Image
Mac Helvetica 95.88% 95.88% Sample Image
Windows Verdana 95.74% 95.74% Sample Image
Windows Comic Sans MS 95.30% 95.30% Sample Image
Windows Arial 95.14% 95.14% Sample Image
Windows Lucida Console 95.14% 95.14% Sample Image
Windows Courier New 94.86% 94.86% Sample Image
Windows Impact 94.86% 94.86% Sample Image
Windows Tahoma 94.66% 94.66% Sample Image
Windows Sylfaen 94.08% 94.08% Sample
Mac American Typewriter 93.90% 93.90% Sample
Windows Trebuchet MS 93.41% 93.41% Sample Image
Mac Verdana 93.04% 93.04% Sample Image
Mac Georgia 92.90% 92.90% Sample Image
Mac Helvetica Neue 92.77% 92.77% Sample
Mac Comic Sans MS 92.33% 92.33% Sample Image
Mac Trebuchet MS 92.05% 92.05% Sample Image
Mac Courier New 91.90% 91.90% Sample Image
Mac Gill Sans 91.57% 91.57% Sample
Windows Lucida Sans Unicode 91.24% 91.24% Sample Image
Mac Arial Narrow 90.91% 90.91% Sample
Mac Geneva 90.91% 90.91% Sample Image
Mac Lucida Bright 90.70% 90.70% Sample
Mac Baskerville 90.36% 90.36% Sample
Mac Marker Felt 90.36% 90.36% Sample
Mac Skia 89.91% 89.91% Sample Image
Mac Times New Roman 89.77% 89.77% Sample Image
Mac Zapfino 89.16% 89.16% Sample
Windows Georgia 88.67% 88.67% Sample Image
Mac Apple Chancery 88.64% 88.64% Sample Image
Mac Lucida Sans 88.37% 88.37% Sample
Mac Lucida Sans Typewriter 88.37% 88.37% Sample
Mac Futura 88.07% 88.07% Sample Image

These are only the top forty fonts, see the full combined font survey results (about 150 KB) for a complete listing.


Written by chin7

十一月 14, 2007 於 1:04 下午




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