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Macbook Air / Yael Naim’s “New Soul”

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看了蘋果新推出的廣告後, 除了讚嘆 MacBoook Air 的輕薄外,
廣告中那首曲調輕快的配樂和迷人的歌聲也相當引人注意,主唱是位”在法國唱英文主打歌的以色列女歌手” – Yael Naim.

There’s been rumours that Apple was working on a super-thin laptop, but I don’t think anyone expected this. It’s saying something that the first words those I’ve observed looking at it for the first time have been something along the lines of “Holy freakin’ $&@#, that thing is thin!”. With all the necessary add-ons and dongles, the laptop is going to get very pricey, but I’m sure it’ll sell like hot cakes to those early-adopters-with-tons-of-money folks.

The marketing team at Apple, the geniuses that they are, created a commercial showing off how you easily can fit the 3 pound laptop into a manilla folder. The song accompanying the ad is a suitably light and airy jazz-pop tune called “New Soul” from Israeli artist Yael Naim. While you only hear the first 30 seconds in the Macbook Air commercial, the full song makes nice use of bouncy trumpets, harpsichord, handclaps, and even a heavenly-sounding choir for the ending. Good find, Apple! Download the tune below and purchase her album here:

MP3 New Soul

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The 5 most annoying programs on your PC

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轉載自: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2008/01/01/the-5-most-annoying-programs-on-your-pc/

Elephantware. That is what we are talking about. Bloated programs that make brand new PCs boot like Pentium 2s with 64 MBs of RAM.

This is software that causes your screen to freeze while it works, consumes enough system resources to display a reminder box letting you know there is a new, even bigger, version available for download. Software we’ve been forced to install so we can read some special document format, enjoy some DRM infected piece of media, or communicate with others who also live with the same brand of behemoth riding on their backs.

We all have it. We are all stuck with it. And, aside from a glimmer or two of hope, we can’t expect to escape their boot screens, quick launch icons, or update reminders anytime soon.

This is the worst of the worst.

1. Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is like a stocky frat guy you never want to invite to your Halloween parties, because he’ll show up wearing a giant gift-wrapped box with a “To: Women, From: God" label on top. He thinks he is all that, but he really just wore a costume so big he can’t get through the front door and has to stay outside by the fire all night (true story!).

Back on topic though, Acrobat reader does one thing poorly — read PDFs. To do this it needs to download updates at least twice a month. Acrobat’s other big feature is the ability to bring your system to a roaring halt while it boots up its massive amount of plugins and libraries. All this to display (wait for it) — a page.

FoxIt Reader is a much better solution. Download it, and you’ll no longer cringe each time your accidentally click on a PDF link while browsing the internet.

2. iTunes


For the love of Apple, why is iTunes such a cow of an application? It is a media player! It should be light and the media should be heavy. Instead we have a bloated and increasingly complex application that takes so long to load, is so ugly, and takes up so much memory the only option is to not use it and pull up Pandora. And let’s not even talk about the painful process of syncing a new iPod using this pile of cowplop.

3. Real Player

Real Player could have been YouTube. Instead it is, well, Real Player. Like a pushy kid on your front lawn trying to sell you a magazine subscription, Real Player just doesn’t leave you alone. It is constantly trying to take over all the media on your hard drive, your web browser, and your MP3 Players. To make matters worse it continuously tries to upsell you on Rhapsody and SuperPass. Yeah, let’s just SuperPass on those options. Thanks.

You might try Real Alternative instead.

4. Internet Explorer

Yes, the great drunk-and-raving-at-family-Christmas-gatherings granddad of bad software. Will Microsoft ever fix this? Sure IE 7.0 is better than IE 6.0, but that is only in a “at least Mussolini made the trains run on time" sort of way. It is still evil. Can’t believe it? Ask any web developer to explain how many hours they’ve spent in the last month getting their site to work in IE and you’ll get the picture.

If you aren’t using FireFox, do.

5. Microsoft Outlook

Hello Microsoft! Please! It is nearly 2008! How is it possible GMail and Yahoo Mail are so much faster and so much more feature-rich than your flagship mail client? How is it, in the world of 500 spam messages a day, that Outlook becomes pitch-drip slow as soon as you have a couple thousand messages? How is it your business contact manager is always trying to do mysterious things, always failing to do them, and always complaining about it in the middle of startup? And how, oh please tell us how, can you justify a message search that scans a folder at the same speed we do?

Let’s face it, no matter how fast your processor, how big your hard drive, or how many Gigs of RAM you have — your PC will still never run like a gazelle. With junk like the aforementioned software cluttering up your C Drive from day one, you’ll always be stuck waddling along at Winnie-the-Pooh speeds. And if that is too fast for you, perhaps a downgrade to Vista is in order.

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一般我都是用包圍曝光,0EV +-1or2來拍攝,儲存為raw格式.架是一定需要的,快門線可不用.










跑完!初步完成~可是怎會這副模樣! 別緊張繼續看下去~

HDR–>點選Tone Mapping(色調)



Light Smoothing=光線的平穩度(就是5種模式)




HDR–>Undo Tone Mapping–>Tone Mapping–>重新做調整.


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— 這樣的故事能感動到1200萬人…?

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要值得一提的是飾演弘樹(三浦春馬飾)的前女友 咲,
在網上一查果然就是"世界奇妙物語–美女罐"的女主角— 臼田麻美,

呵呵…真是有那麼的巧嘛~ 🙂


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Twentysomething: Why I regret getting straight A’s in college

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This is a guest post from Jon Morrow, who is 25 years old. His blog is On Moneymaking. By Jon Morrow – I nearly killed myself in college to get straight A’s.  Well, almost straight A’s. I graduated with 37 A’s and 3 B’s for a GPA of 3.921. At the time, I thought I was hot stuff.  Now I wonder if it wasn’t a waste of time. Let me explain:

1.  No one has ever asked about my GPA.
I was told that having a high GPA would open all kinds of doors for me.  But you know what?  I interviewed with lots of companies, received a total of 14 job offers after graduation, and none of the companies asked about it.  They were much more impressed with stuff like serving as Chief of Staff for the student government and starting a radio station run by 200 volunteers.

I suppose a college recruiter from a Fortune 500 company might ask, but honestly, I can’t see any employer hiring a straight-A student over someone with five years of relevant work experience.  It might tip the scale in a competitive situation, but in most cases, I haven’t seen that grades are really that important to employers.

2.  I didn’t sleep.
Unless you’re a super genius, getting 37 A’s is hard work.  For me, it was an obsession.  Anything less than an A+ on any assignment was unacceptable.  I’d study for 60-80 hours a week, and if I didn’t get the highest grade in class, I’d put in 100 hours the next week.

Translation: I didn’t sleep much.  From my freshman to junior year, I averaged about six hours a night.  By my senior year though, I was only getting 3-5 per night, even on weekends.  I was drinking a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew and 2-3 energy drinks per day just to stay awake.  Not only is that unhealthy, but it’s not particularly fun either.

3.  I’ve forgotten 95% of it.
I majored in English Literature and minored in Communication Theory.  The main reason I chose those subjects was I thought they would teach me how to write and speak, two skills that would serve me well for the rest of my life.

Boy, was I stupid.  Instead, I spent all my time reading classic literature and memorizing vague, pseudoscientific communication theories.  Neither are useful at all, and I’ve forgotten at least 95% of it.

I’d guess the same is true for most college graduates.  Tell me, what’s the point of spending 60-80 hours a week learning things that you immediately forget?

4.  I didn’t have time for people.
Being in the student government and running a radio station, I had lots of opportunities to build a huge network.  But I didn’t have time.  Between studying and doing my job, I had to prioritize the people I wanted to develop relationships with and narrow it down to the handful who could help me the most.

That’s no way to go through school.  College isn’t so much a training ground for entering the work place as a sandbox for figuring out who you are and how you relate to other people.  You develop your social skills and forge relationships with people that might be colleagues for the rest of your life.

If I could do it all over again, I would spend less time in the library and more time at parties.  I would have 50 friends, not 3.  I would be known for “the guy that knows everyone,” not “the smartest guy in class.”  Not only because it would’ve been more fun, but because I would still be friends with most of those people now and would have access to the networks they’ve developed over the last four years.

5.  Work experience is more valuable.
In retrospect, I could’ve probably spent 20-30 hours a week on my studies and gotten B’s.  That would’ve freed up 30-70 hours a week, depending on the course load.  When I think of all of the things that I could’ve done with those hours, I just shake my head.

If there’s one thing graduates lack, it’s relevant work experience.  If you want to be a freelance writer, you’re much better off writing articles for magazines and interning with a publishing company than working your tail off to get straight A’s.  The experience makes you more valuable to future employers and usually results in a paycheck with a few more digits on it.

What about Graduate School?
If you’re getting your masters, going to law school, or becoming a doctor, then you’ll need all 37 of those A’s to get into the best school possible, and you can safely disregard this entire post.  Just be sure that you follow through.  I thought I would go to law school, and then I found out what a miserable career it is and how little it actually pays.  All of those good grades are now going to waste.

It also comes down to the question, “What’s the most effective use of your time?”  If you can’t imagine living without an advanced degree from an Ivy League school, then reading until your eyes fall out and sleeping on a table in the library is a perfectly defensible lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you want to get a job and make as much money as possible, then good grades aren’t going to help you as your teachers and parents might have you believe.  You’re better making powerful friends, building a killer résumé, and generally having the time of your life on your parent’s dime.

Jon Morrow’s blog is On Moneymaking.

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轉載自: http://ka-yue.com/blog/web-composing



柵格是協助設計師排版的一種技法,能夠確保頁面整整齊齊,井井有條。所有印刷品之中,報紙的版式設計尤其著重排版,因為每頁都要處理大量文字,排版直接影 響報紙的可讀性。為此我特地找來 The News York Times 的截圖,你可以清楚看到由左至右四條縱向主軸,這些就是柵格。即使左上方的標題橫跨兩欄,依然沒有打破柵格。再看看其網站的柵格:



其實,只要避免讓元素打破柵格,網站就會整齊得多。你會發現,整個頁面沒有任何元素打破縱線,所以頁面一整都井井有條。縱使底部有些冒出縱線的圖 片,但其依然和其他部份隱約有點聯繫。而且底部其實可以看作一個橫向的整體,所以不會做成混亂的感覺。甚麼? 我偏心? 沒有啦,看看下面這幅圖你就會明白了:


認得出這是個圓吧。為甚麼不是一條條間線? 因為你的大腦會自動補完缺失的部份,幫你組成一個圓。同理,我們在設計網頁的時候,要保證相關的內容要看上去像一組,頁面才不會支離破碎。注意喔,不是你在一堆內容外面畫個 Box 它們就會變成一組的。雖然有幫助,但更好的方法是留意細節,例如元素之間的間距、背景色等等。

是不是這樣我們就要死守這些柵格呢? 不,太整齊的網頁反而會顯得沉悶。一些「破壞性創新」可以成為網頁的特點,但一不可再。過份強調的結果不是失去重點就是令文章難以閱讀。例如我就很反感下面這些充滿特式的排版:


當然,我不是說 NY Times 的網頁無械可擊。你應該也發現網頁右上方其實頗凌亂的。我只能說,都是廣告的錯。如果 NY Times 能規範一下廣告的尺寸,頁面將會更加美好。值得一提的是,就是從來沒有網站會花人力去像校正報紙般校正網頁。 (報紙一般在完成排版後會校正多次才印刷。) 相信 NY Times 是少數會校正網頁的公司之一。



Tvb.com 首頁的內容比 NY Times 少一半不止,柵格線卻不見得少。最主要是色塊又多又濃… 原本標題應該跟內容融為一體的,但是顏色這麼濃,還融個鬼啊。標題沒必要無需過份強調,讓人看著就覺得辛苦。

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